Do you cant to arrive to León?. Here you have some information !

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It’s a pity but currently León hasn’t got any Low Cost companies but you can connect from other cities with small planes normally expensive thanks to

There are 4 possibilities about lowcost companies flying not far from Leon are… – Flying to Santander from Brussels, Milano, London, London, Paris and Rome and many cities in Spain, but connections to Leon are quite bad! Bus to León costs around 35-40 round ticket and around 5h. Check

There are flights to Santiago de Compostela from London, Frankfurt, Milano…bus costs 30€ (one way ticket) and takes 6h. Train takes 4h and 30mins. Check the web for trains because if you book in advance there are cheap trains

Flying to Valladolid from Málaga and Barcelona. From Valladolid’s airport in Villanubla to León there’s a direct bus, costs around 8 € and takes 1h 30min.

You can also fly to Madrid (many connections) with other lowcost companies. There’s a direct bus from the airport (Barajas) to León and takes around 4h. Check

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If you are arriving from Madrid you can get to León by bus or train.

With , if you buy your ticket 15 days before travelling, you will obtain special prizes, or you are younger than 26, and other discounts. One way Tickets costs 25€ and you will arrive to León in 4h. You can also take the SUPRA bus, which is more expensive but they’ll give you a little snack, headphones,…

There are 3 stops in Madrid: Barajas Terminal 4 (airport), Estación Sur (South bus station) and Moncloa (north of the city).

From the airport to Moncloa or Estación Sur you’ll need take the METRO, For the first, take line 8 (pink), and then, change in NUEVOS MINISTERIOS, walk a little underground and take line 6 (grey) and stop in MONCLOA and for the second stop in MENDEZ ALVARO. We recommend you to depart from Moncloa, because it’s closer to León.

You’ll spend around 40-45 minutes by doing all this. And remember, the ticket for the metro will cost 4,50 – 5 € because it’s normal + airport’s supplement.

If you are arriving by bus from other places, please, contact us.

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Check the website and you can see all the details about different trains and timetables all over Spain. Please, see all the options and special prizes

If you arrive by plane to Madrid Airport (Barajas Airport) and you travel to León by train, pay attention!! From the airport to CHAMARTÍN TRAIN STATION you’ll need take the METRO First, take line 8 (pink), and then, change in NUEVOS MINISTERIOS, walk a little underground and take line 10 (dark blue) and stop finally in CHAMARTÍN. You’ll spend around 40 minutes by doing all this. And remember, this ticket will cost 4,5-5 € because it’s normal + airport’s supplement.

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